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Why Video and Written Content Are Friends, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on video and written content, we established why it’s a good idea to turn to the professionals when creating a marketing video. As a quick refresher, professionals:

  • Write high-quality scripts with captions that reach all viewers and please the Google gods
  • Shoot high-caliber videos that expertly portray your intended message

But there’s another reason to involve the pros in your video production and marketing: They know how to make it reach people. Once again, pro videographers use their expertise to get the most out of video’s and content’s friendship and make it work for you. And when they team up with content marketers, the combo is a winning one.

On Your Website, On Social Media

Sure, you could simply say, “Hey, guys! Check out this great video we just made!” and post the video to all of your social media channels. It might reach some folks, but is it your best shot?

As branding expert John Hall says in Forbes, “Unless your content is well-designed, brand-friendly, and part of a larger message, its effect will be limited. When that happens, video marketing can’t deliver on its promises of high ROI, leaving you and your team to wonder whether video is really as valuable as everyone says.”

Content marketing experts know how to:

  • Promote your video using language and techniques that support your brand
  • Ensure your video is placed in strategic areas on your website to complement written content
  • Make sharing the video as easy as possible directly from your website
  • Boost or recommend boosting particular videos based on your marketing goals
  • Employ their knowledge of platform demographics to target your audience
  • Properly use hashtags to increase traffic
  • Strategically tag additional pages to improve your views
  • Write top text that makes it difficult NOT to view your video

Why Video and Written Content Are Friends, Part 2You see, the need for professionals doesn’t stop after you create the video. You need the expertise of a professional team to reach people and leave a lasting, positive impression.

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