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Why Video and Written Content Are Friends, Part 1

You want a variety of media on your website, blog and social media channels to attract all types of followers. So, you decide some video content would spice things up a bit. But should you jump right in and DIY this?

Absolutely not. That’s the equivalent of deciding you want to become a lion tamer and simply jumping into the cage. It’s the same as running a marathon without a single day of training. It’s even as bad as standing up to give a commencement speech with no notes or forethought. Trust us when we say none of these scenarios, DIY video creation included, will end successfully.

So just what do you do? You ensure that you create your video the right way.

There’s much more to a professional video than getting the right camera and angle, though that’s uber important, too. For the perfect video, you need the perfect pairing — of written content and videography, that is. Quality writing and professionally shot videos are a match made in marketing heaven.

Pairing Written Content and Video

You might be thinking, just what do written words have to do with my highly visual, eye-catching video? Everything. Here’s why:

  • Scripts provide the master plan. A well-written script is the roadmap to a great video. It not only lays out the flow of the video, but it also provides for quality captioning.
  • Video will complement a well-written newsletter. A quality video can be embedded into your digital newsletters to mix things up a bit. And everyone loves a little variety.
  • Words draw people in on social media. Catchy social media posts paired with your video can pique followers’ interest and lure people in to view your well-scripted video.

Why Scripting Is Important

A script leads you smoothly through your entire video. You know where to speak, where to gesture, which facial expressions to make, how to move, etc. Your script is the backbone of your video plan. But there’s more.

Scripts provide quality captioning, and, these days, captions aren’t just for those with hearing difficulties. On social media, a large majority of your viewers will watch your video without sound. Why? Because they are in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, the checkout line at the grocery store or, let’s face it, the loo. Without words, you will miss the waiters, the shoppers and the — well, you get the point. You want the subtitles on, so your video can speak to everyone, everywhere.

Did you know you can also improve your SEO ranking with quality video content? But this can only happen if you include the actual words. So there’s another great reason for quality captioning – it pleases the Google Gods.

Making Your Video

Why Video and Written Content Are Friends, Part 1If you want to take a stab at creating your own video content, HubSpot offers some great how-to tips. But, if you take the advice of Kissmetrics, you’ll opt to leave the video and content to the professionals.

All Things Writing, LLC partners with Peace Entertainment, Inc. to create professionally scripted, filmed and promoted videos that wow our clients and their followers every time. Give us a shout out today to turn your basic ideas into videos that excite your customers and increase your website traffic!

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