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Who Cares About Content?

There’s this thing that sometimes happens when you’re developing a website. You’re laying out pages and picking plugins. You’re looking at widgets and forms. You might get so into it, you forget there’s something equally as important, something you probably don’t do often or very well. Content creation.

Now content can mean a lot of things, but we’re going to talk about written content (often called copy). While graphics and videos are great, without words on the page, you’re dead in the internet water. And it’s not just because we need fodder for SEO. It’s because we as people – even though many of us have short attention spans – still read. And we don’t want to read garbage.

Want to know what we’re reading (besides this sentence)? Have a look before you start writing.

Titillating Titles

When was the last time you jumped into an article, blog or book without reading the title? Has it EVER happened? Most people read titles. We’re taught to do it from a young age and we quickly learn what interests us and what looks like it might be a snoozer. So good titles count. Don’t ignore them.

Helpful Headings

Like titles, headings hint at what’s to come. They also offer a way for readers to identify what’s important. Maybe you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read the whole article. Headings guide you to the information you’re looking for. When writing content, don’t forget the headings.

Beneficial Bullets

Bullets have become a mainstay in website content. And for good reason.

  • They allow readers to skim more easily for main ideas.
  • They maximize simple, short, easy-to-read sentences or phrases.
  • They use white space to visually draw attention to themselves, making ideas stand out.

Normal Numbers

While you wouldn’t necessarily want numbers on your homepage, in a blog or article, they make sense. Here’s why.

  1. They show the reader immediately how many main points are in the section.
  2. They tell the reader how much time they’ll need to invest reading.
  3. They use white space like bullets do to draw attention to particular ideas.

Perfect Paragraphs

What’s the best length for a paragraph on a website? The short answer is “short.” But not too short all the time. See, there’s an argument out there that a paragraph should only be one sentence because it’s easier to scan.

But that’s not true.

Because when you do this, everything runs together.

And there’s no good use of white space, like there is with bullets.

And nothing stands out as really important.

And we’re not taught to read this way.

So don’t do this.

Unless you’re writing a poem.

In that case, go for it.


So what should you remember the most about this blog?

  • Readers want quality content.
  • Readers want interesting content.
  • Readers have no patience.
  • Readers have no time.
  • Readers skim.

Who Cares About Content?The last takeaway is this: We’re a content development and content marketing team on a mission to make you shine online and in print. We call ourselves All Things Writing – because that’s what we do.

We specialize in website content, blogs, articles…all those good things you need to run your own successful business. And when you use our content specialists, you always get at least two sets of professional eyes on the product.

So when you want to look your best, think of us. We’ll develop content that kicks your competition right out the door. Let us “align your content with success.”


Katherine Gotthardt, CEO

Katherine Gotthardt, M.Ed., writing concentration, has been writing, editing and teaching for more than twenty years. For the past ten years, she has focused on content development and content marketing for small to mid-size businesses, writing and disseminating material that increases client visibility while supporting their brand. Besides being published in dozens of journals, Katherine has authored eith books: Poems from the Battlefield, Furbily-Furld Takes on the World, Approaching Felonias Park, Weaker Than Water, Bury Me Under a Lilac, A Crane Named Steve and Get Happy, Dammit. Learn more about her creative life at