The 4 Most Common Human Resource Challenges

HRHuman resources professionals juggle a lot. They take care of everything from recruiting, hiring and retaining employees to developing benefits and compensation packages. They make sure the employees are happy and productive, while balancing that with the needs of the business. They also ensure that the company is up to speed with current legislation and employment issues. As laws change and generations shift, human resources professionals need to adapt to keep up. Here are the 4 most common human resource challenges professionals are facing in 2015:

  1. Shifting generations – Baby boomers are starting to retire, which means more Gen-X and Y employees will start to climb the corporate ladder to take over management positions. Younger generations are statistically less concerned with company loyalty than baby boomers, and they tend to be more concerned about what a company can do for them, so employee retention is a potential issue. There are also fewer employees in these generations. These factors could leave a leadership gap for some companies. A potential solution is knowledge retention, where some older workers retire but continue to work part-time. HR departments may also start to groom younger employees for positions where they hold more responsibility.
  2. Retention – As the economy starts to improve and more opportunities are available, workers may start to seek out their options. A good way to retain employees is through creating work-life balance and flexible benefit plans. Telecommuting and flextime options are  great ways to help retain employees by giving them a better work-life balance. In the past, many employers were worried that employees would be less productive without onsite supervision from managers. What they have found is that workers actually tend to work more because they don’t know when to unplug from work. With the wealth of technology that can keep them connected, they can work from virtually anywhere and are actually very productive and more satisfied with their jobs. You can also retain top talent by giving merit raises or by giving them the opportunity to gain new skills on special projects or in a new department until a promotion opportunity becomes available.
  3. Recruiting – For many positions, especially highly technical positions, it’s hard to find exactly the right candidates. HR professionals are struggling to find the right fit for positions like data scientists, mobile app developers, software developers, cloud computing experts and web development engineers. An employee referral program that rewards current employees to help recruit talent is a great way to help get people with the right skill sets. Another way is to form relationships with universities that have  programs teaching the skills you’re seeking.
  4. Changing laws – As things like healthcare laws are implemented, benefit packages need to change to comply. This means human resource professionals need to stay current on legislation changes through continuing education. Wellness programs are a great addition to changing healthcare options, as keeping employees well is in the best interest of the company and the employees to keep down healthcare costs. Many companies have found success implementing wellness programs using fitness trackers, as they can avoid the cost of gym memberships and also encourage physical activity.

Because of these challenges, many small to mid-size companies are feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and are having difficulty keeping it all together.  If you are in this situation, contact Excelsior Pay Group. Our HR professionals are here to help you meet the needs of your organization.

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