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Belinda Miller


…does a wonderful job of explaining the blog, website process…helped this newbie and set up a beautiful website!

Geriann Fischer

Owner, SkinOvative Solutions

…listens to what you want and then delivers results…built my blog and incorporated my ideas and gave me the results I want to grow my business.!

Kelly Harman

Author, Speaker, Business Owner

I could not have been happier or more impressed with the results…delivered the work before the deadline.

Chris Albright

Owner, CMIT Solutions Centreville

I noticed today that some of my partner/vendors are liking and sharing the posts on Twitter! I think that is very cool especially because previously I would borrow/reshare their stuff when trying to come up with something to post on social media.

9 Things That Will Help You Beat Your Competitors

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2015 / Comments Off on 9 Things That Will Help You Beat Your Competitors

If you even take a quick glance at a computer screen, your eyes are bombarded with sidebar ads, pop-up ads, targeted ads. Customers have choices, and there are so many businesses out there competing for the same customers. How will you stand out from the crowd and earn their business? Here are a few ways…

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How to Retain Clients…and Be a Better Person

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2014 /

I love my networking group. I always leave with something to think about and so much to write about, I can’t possibly keep up.  But I’ve carved out some time today because the question posed this morning by our leader, Peggie Arvidson, was an important one: how do you retain clients? Now, this networking group…

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