Real Estate Professional? You Need to Be Blogging!

Real estate is a tough business. We know because many of our clients are in the industry. From brokers to agents to financial experts, we’ve become familiar with the challenges facing professionals in this competitive field. And one of those challenges is keeping up with online marketing.

While this is an issue for many businesses, it’s particularly difficult for those in real estate. Why? Because you have to be out in the field. Whether you are showing properties, meeting with clients, going to closings or dropping off congratulations gifts, you are busy folks. Where are you going to find time to market online? Nope, you say. No time. Forget about it.

Except you can’t play ostrich. Yes, your agency might provide websites and social media content. But the need for original material that builds credibility as well as draws visitors to your particular website (not corporate’s) is stronger than ever. That original material starts with consistent, quality blogging on a website unique to you.

If you want to remain competitive, you need to get blogging.
Yes, you need to do it because everyone else is.
Yes, you need it for the SEO.
Yes, you need it to entice people to sign up for your newsletter.
But maybe most importantly,
you need to do it so people get to know who you are
and what you’re capable of.

Show you know the neighborhoods.

Residential and commercial buyers need to know that you are familiar with the communities in which they plan to buy. Whether it be answering questions about local schools, neighborhood amenities or the state of the regional economy, you need to strut your stuff. You can do this in a blog. Facts, figures and friendly advice are all welcome when it comes to showing your knowledge of the area.

Show you have your finger on the pulse of the community.

It’s not enough to know what kind of homes and properties are available. You have to know what’s going on, too, and you need to talk about it. Is there a local issue that potential buyers are bound to hear about? Address it in your blog. Fun happenings? Talk about them. Real estate trends? Talk about those, too. Buyers, in particular, want to know what’s going on before they make such a huge investment.

Show your experience and knowledge.

This is where some real estate professionals really balk, but it’s the place where they can most excel, too. Show off in your blogs! People want to feel comfortable that you know what you’re talking about. From the process to the legalities to the fine details, all of it is important to discuss in a way that builds clients’ confidence in you while making it clear that you can translate technical language into something they understand. It’s even okay to brag a little about your education, certifications, style and approach. It really is. Just make it interesting, engaging and in the end, about the reader, not you.

Show your interest in your profession.

How do readers know you care about what you do? Sure, you can say it on your website and even in your blog. But the proof will be in how you write your blog. Is your material boring? Do you sound nonplussed every time you mention “investment” or “curb appeal”? Readers can hear your attitude through your word choice, your expressions, your tone and your punctuation. And while we don’t advocate using !!! at the end of a sentence, a few, judicious exclamation points can go a long way. In the end, you want your readers to know you love what you do, because that means you’ll give it your all.

If you’re in a tough spot and don’t know how to start, All Things Writing can get you going through a series of consultations or workshops. Or we can do the marketing for you. We can present you and your expertise to the world without you having to worry about finding the time (or even the desire). And since we take a holistic approach to content marketing, we can deal with your social media, your newsletters, your website content and more.

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Katherine Gotthardt, CEO

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