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Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Blog Content Calendar

So, you’ve decided to blog. What now? Well the most efficient way to tackle your blogging is to create and follow a content calendar. Some people refer to it as an editorial calendar, and others just have ideas scattered on sticky notes all over their car, bathroom mirror and computer screen. But that’s not you! You are going to be far more organized than that. You’re going to dive into this content planning thing and rock it like a boss. Right? OK. Maybe you’re still feeling a little shaky.

Here at All Things Writing, LLC, we have some favorite questions we like to ask that get to the heart of what you should be blogging about. Answer these first. You’ll map out a much clearer picture of your goals, making it a breeze to whip up your brand-new, fancy editorial calendar. (Ditch the stickies. Trust us.)

Think About Your Brand

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon defines your brand as “what people say about your business when you are not in the room.” So our first question is, how do you want people to talk about you? Do you want them to see you as an expert in your industry? A credible source for local advice? The go-to website for purchasing every flavor of bubble gum imaginable? Be as specific as you can when answering this question. Then, think about how you can convey this information. Blogging builds credibility when it’s done well, so write about brand-related topics that reflect well on your business.

Consider Your Values

Have you established core values for your company? Perhaps you strive to maintain cutting-edge techniques in your field or to provide superb customer support in every interaction. Blog about it! Have your employees gone to the latest and greatest conference recently? Tell the world that they know what’s the what in your field and are ahead of the game! Showcase some awesome employees going above and beyond with customer support! The possibilities are endless. (Hint: You can build a weekly or monthly series about your values, making it easier to fill your blogging calendar.)

Check Out Your Competitors

Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Blog CalendarTake a peek at your competitors’ sites and see what they are up to. What are they blogging about? Are you interested in counteracting any of their points or one-upping them with a better way to humbly brag about your company’s accomplishments and abilities? It’s amazing the ideas that can come from a little website stalking.

Focus on Your Marketing Goals

Blogging is content marketing, and, while you can have fun and be playful, it’s important to remember the core purpose. When building your calendar, think about your marketing goals for the next quarter. Do you want to drive more traffic to your site, increase sales or establish yourself as more of a subject matter expert? Write down your goals and think about how you can achieve them. If you want to increase sales, do some blogs on product features and throw in some giveaways! These are great things to share on social media and exciting methods for increasing your following.

Think About Your Audience

Do you know who your audience is and who you want it to be? Each blog post you draft should be targeted and talking to these people. Don’t be stiff and formal if your target market is college students. You’ll need to know their lingo and what makes them tick in order to draw them in. Talk to them as if they were in front of you — casual and conversational. And on the converse, if you are writing to corporate CEOs, try a more formal tone and leave out the pop culture references to fidget spinners, male rompers and the like. As you pick topics, remember to ask yourself if it would appeal to your readers. Create a voice and tone that speak to them, and carry it through each blog post you write.


After taking these questions into consideration, you should be able to come up with a number of topics to blog about. Next you’ll need to decide how often you’re going to blog. Your readers should know when they can expect to hear from you. Once a week is a great schedule to strive for. If you’re just getting started and don’t have the time to build your blog, drop us a line. The professionals at All Things Writing live to write and write to live. We’d love to help you enhance or establish your online presence and build your brand.

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Erin Pittman, Lead Editor

A project manager, writer and editor, Erin Pittman has almost a decade of professional experience in both print and online materials. She holds a BA in English from Randolph-Macon College. Her work has been featured in local and national publications, as well as on various local and national websites and blogs. Writing topics include marketing, personal finance, special needs, military, parenting, seniors, local events, real estate, service industries, business profiles and more.