Our Process, Your Success


We pride ourselves in offering quality content development and content marketing services at reasonable rates. Our proven process gives you a product you can be proud to call your own. And since we do the posting and sending, you don’t have to spend time getting the final product out to your target audience.

The typical steps we take (though not always in this order) are outlined to the right

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Jay Hodes

President, Colington Security Consulting

…professional when it comes to editing, proofing, writing and blogging…great to work with, very responsive and excels in the services provided. Exceptionally reliable and trustworthy when given a project to complete.

Rebecca Barnes

Publisher, Prince William Living Magazine, Brides & Weddings Magazine

Reliable, efficient and lyrical, Katherine and All Things Writing are valuable partners to Prince William Living [magazine]. I feel confident referring her to other businesses who want to up their communications game. Katherine and her team take the time to get to know your business in order to do the best job possible representing you.

  • Free Consultation

    The consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions about our services and make special requests.

  • Interview

    The formal interview happens after a product or service has been contracted. This interview allows us to get to know you, and your business, on a deeper level. We take pride in the quality of content we produce, and to do that we need to live and breathe your business.

  • Research

    At All Things Writing, LLC we take our jobs seriously. We do extensive research on all topics to ensure the highest level of integrity in our work. All information is verified to be true and accurate before we will disseminate new content. We provide compelling and eye-catching content, and we do so without resorting to “click-bait.”

  • Drafting

    Once research is complete, one of our professional writers will create a draft of your piece. A draft should be well written and cohesive but may contain minor errors. These will be edited and revised at a later date.

  • Revising

    Our writers perform at least one revision before submitting your content to the editor. We encourage our writers to give all work a second look, at least a day after the initial draft is completed. This allows for egregious errors to be discovered and often provides insights that may be missed on a first pass.

  • Editing

    Our writers then submit all content to our team of editors. It is very important to have a separate set of eyes complete the editing process! This is quality control at its finest.

  • Submission to Client

    After all the previous steps are completed, YOU finally get to see your content. We ask that you review your content in a timely manner (typically 24-48 hours after you receive the draft) and provide us with constructive feedback. Without solid feedback, we can’t make revisions.

  • Editing

    Once we receive your feedback, it is back to the editor for review. If your content requires more than minor fixes, it will go back to the writer for revision.

  • Proofing

    Now that the content is complete, we look it over with a fine-toothed comb for any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors that may have survived the previous editing sessions.

  • Submission to Client

    We will send content to you for final review and approval. Unless otherwise stated in your contract or requested by you, we will never post anything that has not been approved.

    We ask our clients to please keep this in mind when reviewing their content – without a prompt response from you, the whole process can stall.

  • Posting

    Hooray! We’ve made it! After all that, it is finally time to get your content posted. Whatever we have created for you will be posted and dispersed through all available channels. Otherwise, the content will be delivered to you, and you can disperse at your will.

We know you want your content to be clear, concise and professional, so that’s what we deliver. And we do it on time, all the time. Not all companies like ours can make such a claim.

For more information on our products and process, visit our Contact Page and send us an email. We look forward to making you shine online and in print!