Guest Blog: Do Not Stress With Me!

This week for our Write by the Rails blog tour, we have the pleasure of introducing author Timothy Horn of Hypnoconsult Press and Hypnoconsult, LLC , who discusses stress.

Author of Skies Wide Open, Tim is a pro at using the mind to overcome challenges, and he teaches others to do so, too. Whether it be through hypnosis, instruction, workshops, speaking or just conversation, Tim has a way of encouraging individuals and groups to look at life a little differently and approach problems in unique, positive ways. “Everything in life is a lesson or a blessing,” he says. In this blog, Tim gives us a little lesson in stress management.

by Tim Horn

Every action you take should lead toward a better life for you. That seems like a logical sensible approach to the events in our lives. When great things happen around us, we should take the time and focus to truly appreciate all the good that is out there in the world.

As we have an understanding that the things that happen around us that are horrible. These horrific events leave us unbalanced and searching for calm. Consider this for a moment, the stresses created from these events do not define who you are or how you live; your reaction to those events will.

Hold a 16-ounce drink out at shoulder length for 20 seconds and there is no effect. Hold that same drink for two hours and cramping, pain and discomfort come full on. The only difference in comfort and pain is taking action and the knowledge that you can.

We cannot prevent the vagaries of life descending up us, but we can change our view of how they will affect us. To paraphrase Einstein, adversity introduces a man to himself. When stress arises, it means your system is out of balance. A death in the family breaking up from a long-term relationship or losing a job undoubtedly can knock people out of alliance. There is a need for self-correction to bring about a happier state of mind.

We cannot change these events, but armed with the knowledge our lives will be altered we can accept the fact and a new normal will be created. We are the creators of this new normal. Defining and planning for what that new normal will be gives a sense of control and direction. When we are under stress, the loss of control is one of the most disconcerting effects. Stability must be reestablished.

When the stress is created no matter what the cause, realizing you can learn from the event to move forward can re-establish a sense of control. While not diminishing the initial pain of the event, you no longer need to wallow in destructive self talk and pain, but take the initiative to move forward to what awaits you.

Stress is merely the body-mind signal that action needs to be taken. After the action is taken the stress must be relieved.

How do you relieve stress? Are you able to self-correct, as Tim puts it?

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