Four Professional Resolutions You Should Be Making

 We know.  The title is a bit pushy, especially since it’s not the new year yet, but that’s how much we believe in making meaningful resolutions.  Doing so could impact that little difference in how successful you are in the months to come.  Some of these resolutions will sound familiar.  Some will be brand new.  Either way, we encourage you to pick at least a couple, personalize them, internalize them and then go for it.

  1. Beef up your first impression.  Whether you are shaking hands for the first time or presenting an elevator speech, it’s the initial few seconds that count.  Think about the superficial.  What are you wearing?  What does your hair look like?  Are you smiling?  Do you appear confident?  Now consider the deeper aspects of the first impression.  When you introduce yourself and your company, is it clear what you do and with whom you work?  Do you articulate, or do you mumble?  How’s your body language?  Are your arms folded, keeping people out, or are they extended in openness?  There’s a lot that goes into first impressions.  Honestly think about yours.
  2. Get training.  By this time, most professionals have attended college, earned a degree, taken part in workshops and seminars and/or self-studied.  But learning is lifelong.  We’re not saying you have to spend thousands of dollars on continuing education, but consider what will help you develop yourself and improve your business.  It could be something as simple as listening to TED Talks.  It could be attending networking meetings and asking other professionals about their fields.  It could be reading best selling books on management and business ownership.  Determine where there are holes in your knowledge and find some avenues for educating yourself.
  3. Fall back in love with what you do.  Passion is important. It fuels your drive and ultimately your success.  If you have a negative attitude as you begin your work, it will show, not just in your output, but in your appearance and your customer service.  This goes back to your first impression.  Burnout is obvious.  Half-hearted responses to questions about what you do and sloppy work are indications you’ve fallen out of love.  How can you fall back in love?  If burnout is the problem, take some time off.  If boredom is a problem, find new and innovative ways to tackle assignments and challenges.  And be sure to interact with motivated professionals in your field to rekindle that feeling you first had when you chose your occupation.
  4. Rededicate yourself to your sense of mission.  Every job requires not only a sense of passion, but of mission.  Mission makes you feel like you are doing something important, that what you do on a daily basis really does make a difference.  If you feel what you are doing is pointless, there’s something wrong.  Get back on track.  Speak to others who feel they are working in a worthwhile field.  Ask them how they stay motivated and focused.  Make a list of how you are helping forward the objective of the company and how you are helping others.  Post your list somewhere obvious for yourself and colleagues to see.  In this way, you serve yourself as you inspire.

We spend so much time working, it’s crucial we succeed, not just for ourselves, but for those we love and support.  Making resolutions can help us get where we want and need to be. What will you accomplish?

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Katherine Gotthardt, CEO

Katherine Gotthardt, M.Ed., writing concentration, has been writing, editing and teaching for more than twenty years. For the past ten years, she has focused on content development and content marketing for small to mid-size businesses, writing and disseminating material that increases client visibility while supporting their brand. Besides being published in dozens of journals, Katherine has authored five books: Poems from the Battlefield, Furbily-Furld Takes on the World, Approaching Felonias Park, Weaker Than Water and Bury Me Under a Lilac. Learn more about her creative life at