Follow Up With a Follow-Up Email Worth Reading

Making strong connections is the key to landing sales and expanding your network. But did you know that as many as 48 percent of people never follow up on those initial connections? Yes. We know it can be awkward. You don’t want to be too pushy or, worst of all, face rejection. But when you do it right, follow-up isn’t awkward, doesn’t have to be pushy and will make you stand out amongst the crowds.

Dos for Writing Follow-Up Emails

Be genuine.

People can smell a fake from a mile away. Think about how you would speak in natural conversation and let some of your personality shine through in your emails.

Make it a priority.

Send your follow-up emails within 72 hours of contact. This shows your recipient that connecting is important to you.

Make it personal.

Don’t think that you can write one generic email and send it to everyone you meet. It’s vital that you take the time to personalize each one. Mention details of previous conversation or contacts you have in common.

Write a clean subject line.

Let the person know exactly what the email is about. Drafting a specific subject line also helps in relocating the email down the line.

Include reminder details.

Make sure your emails state where you met the recipient, and even forward past emails, too, if relevant.

Try to connect online.

Mention connecting on LinkedIn or following you on Facebook for the latest information on your products or organization.

Include a call to action.

This could be requesting a time to meet, connecting online (as mentioned above) or visiting your website.

Leave it open ended.

Always strive to keep the conversation going. End your email in a way that indicates you’re looking for some kind of action or response.

Don’ts for Writing Follow-Up Emails

Follow Up With a Follow-Up Email Worth ReadingFail to follow up.

Get over the fear of rejection and realize that if you send the email, there’s a good chance of success. If you let fear win, there’s 100 percent chance that you won’t make the sale or expand your network.

Be generic.

People get hundreds of emails a week. If yours doesn’t stand out, it won’t get opened — period.

Lead with the sale.

Don’t make your first sentence about what you want from the recipient. Add in the personal details, and make it about them first.

Add contacts to email lists.

Adding a contact to an email list they didn’t request to be on is NOT following up. You must follow up one-on-one for success.

Write a book.

Be respectful of all recipients’ time and write clear, concise emails. In other words, get to the point without the fluff.

Be overly pushy.

There’s nothing that can turn people off quicker than being too pushy. Focus on building the relationship first, and sales and relationships can form more organically.

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