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Find Your Perfect Voice to Nail Your Content Marketing

Every blog has a voice. What’s ours you ask? We’d say a mix of snark, humor and a lot of knowledge about content. We like to think we know (and appreciate) our readers and can talk to you in a voice you relate to.

A writing voice creates the tone and feel of your pieces. It reflects who you are and should feel natural and authentic. You’ve gotta have that flow. If you’re still searching for that perfect voice that sets you apart, read on for some tips to help you on your way.

Tips for Discovering Your Writing Voice

Know Your Purpose

Find Your Perfect Voice to Nail Your Content MarketingWhy are you writing? Are you educating, entertaining, promoting or what? Knowing why you’re creating content in the first place can drive your voice and shape it. If you’re promoting the latest teen magazine, you’ll want to write more playfully (and throw in some teen slang) than if you’re selling products to high-level IT managers who want to know you speak their techie lingo. For example, you’d want to throw in some references to how “lit” your teen mag is, while the IT products write ups should probably mention “the cloud and improving efficiency,” if you get our drift. Write so your audience relates.

Describe Yourself

Consider how you describe yourself or your business. Are you hip and trendy, smooth and sassy, or serious and all about being productive? The adjectives you choose to describe yourself can help you define your style and voice.

Reflect on Past Writing

Look back at pieces you’ve already written. Read them out loud. Does it sound like you or a robot version of you? If it’s not natural for you, your readers may not be relating either. Try writing more like you speak, and, specifically, how you’d speak to your readers in person.

Ask Around

Find out how others see you or your business. Ask them to describe how you speak and interact with others. Maybe you’re really quite funny, and to make your writing more authentic, you need to add in a little sass.

Just Write

Try free writing on a topic related to your business. Just let loose and stop overthinking. See what comes out of it. It may just be one sentence to build from, and that’s a great start. Or you may find your authenticity somewhere amongst the rambling.

Carrying It Over

Once your voice is established, remember that your blog isn’t the only place your voice should come through. A good voice is part of your brand, so let it be heard on social media, in emails, on your website, in ads, on guest columns, in sponsored content and anywhere you’re writing about your business. Speak in one recognizable voice across all digital and print mediums.

Find Your Perfect Voice to Nail Your Content MarketingBecoming who you are online can be fun. But, just like an adolescent going through puberty, you may stumble, or experience the occasional cracking voice. You’ll come out on the other side confident and wiser — trust us. And if you need a little help through your writing adolescence, we’re here for you. We can help you find that confident written flow and even produce blogs, content, social media posts and more for you. Just give us a call.


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Erin Pittman, Lead Editor

A project manager, writer and editor, Erin Pittman has almost a decade of professional experience in both print and online materials. She holds a BA in English from Randolph-Macon College. Her work has been featured in local and national publications, as well as on various local and national websites and blogs. Writing topics include marketing, personal finance, special needs, military, parenting, seniors, local events, real estate, service industries, business profiles and more.