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How do I know we can trust All Things Writing with a project?

We could easily defer to our team’s credentials and experience, but trust requires more than that. So consider the many clients who have been with us since the business was born. We think that says something about our values and work ethic. In addition, we belong to professional organizations that demand quality from its members.

What do you expect of your clients?

We expect clients to work with us to help make them successful. That means when we agree on deadlines, need feedback or have mutual contractual obligations, clients respect that and participate in the process. We are on the same team, and a team has to work together for things to get done.

What happens if I contact All Things Writing with pricing questions?

If we have not spoken before, we will not just launch into a pricing discussion. Our content is not off-the-shelf, canned material. Before we can even get to pricing, we will need to know about you, your business and your project. We can then come up with options that make sense for your goals and your budget.

If you don’t launch into pricing discussions right away, why do you have pricing on your website?

While All Things Writing is not the Neiman Marcus of content writing, we are also not Walmart. We want potential clients to have an idea of our price ranges so when they come to us to solve their content problems, they have a realistic budget.

How long will it take for my writing project to be completed?

As you might have noticed, our process is thorough. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait months for your content. Assuming clients review the draft in a timely manner (24-48 hours after receiving it), a completed article can be delivered within the week. Website content and larger projects can take two to three weeks, depending on the size of the project. Shorter turnaround time is available for an additional fee.

So I only get one revision?

Since our planning, writing and editing stages are so thorough, one revision is the standard and is typically all that is necessary; however, additional revisions are available for a fee.

I don't know what content would resonate with my clients. Can you help?

In the planning stages, we review your audience, target market and voice. We research your competitors’ content in order to determine what will resonate and what will set you apart. Our winning approach to writing and marketing keeps you in the forefront of your industry.

Do you have content developers who specialize in my complex industry?

Our content development specialists are well versed in a variety of industries and sectors. Each specialist is proficient in research, and when we require additional, specific information, we interview clients as part of the development process. For large and/or complex projects, we may interview clients more than once to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

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