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Choosing Topics: Huge Content Successes That Look Like Failures

Remember the days when America’s Funniest Home Videos graced our TVs every Sunday night? We’d spend a half an hour laughing at the mishaps and misfortunes of people and their pets. What made this show such a success? The same thing that draws us to the Pinterest Fail, Cake Wrecks and Darwin Awards sites. What’s the only thing people love more than a success story? Hearing about failures.

Failure Sites

While cake and Pinterest failures are pretty awful in real life, they are adored on the Interwebs. What makes these fails such great content successes? These raw pictures and stories make us feel human. They are relatable. We can marvel at others’ mistakes and feel better about ourselves. Sounds a little shallow, but let’s be honest — it’s true!

We’re so used to only seeing the perfect in life — picture perfect lives on Facebook and Instagram, successful product launches from our favorite companies on their blogs, and stories about awesome accomplishments. It’s refreshing to encounter some fails every now and then. In many cases, it makes our own personal failures pale in comparison! And who doesn’t love that?

Tapping Into the Power of Failures

These failures are roaring content successes because they turn ideas on their head. They change the concept that we should only share the positive. Sometimes, the fails are much more meaningful and educational — and oh yeah, funnier, too. So, how can you tap into the power of this popular type of content?

  • Share your company bloopers. Instead of only featuring your total successes, share a few struggles with your readers. Make it humorous and relatable. After they’ve enjoyed a good laugh, share your brilliant solution for overcoming your company’s issue, too.
  • Invite creativity into the workplace. Whether you have a staff of 100 or a two-man show, making creativity a part of your everyday routine is bound to invite some unique content. Encourage your team to come up with new content ideas you’ve never tried before. Take old topics and find a new slant. You may have shared how perfect Halloween staging can help sell a home. This time, find some Halloween home staging nightmares that scare buyers away instead. You’ll garner some laughs from your readers while still educating them on what they should and shouldn’t do. See how you can turn your topics on their heads?
  • Reflect on your personal failures. Consider blogging about your personal growth and struggles, too. You’ll show your employees and followers that you’re human, relatable, able to laugh at yourself and accessible.
  • Share mistakes as learning tools. Failures as topics to help people from making the same mistakes are winners, too. Save them time and effort by showing them exactly what NOT to do.

Choosing Topics: Huge Content Successes That Look Like FailuresWith this type of content, you’ll be making your readers feel a little better about themselves, teaching them through your bloopers, and providing authenticity for your company and brand. All wins. So go ahead, boost the world’s self-esteem a little and share your fails with your followers. You just might become an internet sensation like this woman. (We know we aren’t the only ones who adore her!)

Need some help tapping into the power of your failures? The professionals at All Things Writing, LLC can point them out … errr … we mean find creative approaches to your content strategy. Give us a call today!

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Erin Pittman, Lead Editor

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