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Belinda Miller


…does a wonderful job of explaining the blog, website process…helped this newbie and set up a beautiful website!

Geriann Fischer

Owner, SkinOvative Solutions

…listens to what you want and then delivers results…built my blog and incorporated my ideas and gave me the results I want to grow my business.!

Kelly Harman

Author, Speaker, Business Owner

I could not have been happier or more impressed with the results…delivered the work before the deadline.

Chris Albright

Owner, CMIT Solutions Centreville

I noticed today that some of my partner/vendors are liking and sharing the posts on Twitter! I think that is very cool especially because previously I would borrow/reshare their stuff when trying to come up with something to post on social media.


5 Ways Good Managers Prevent Employee Check-out

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2015 / Comments Off on 5 Ways Good Managers Prevent Employee Check-out

Experienced managers know what to look for in a poor employee or one who may be looking for a new job — showing up late, not meeting deadlines, a poor attitude, wasting time. But what about those who have mentally checked out but choose to stay? They may not be as easy to spot and…

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