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Belinda Miller


…does a wonderful job of explaining the blog, website process…helped this newbie and set up a beautiful website!

Geriann Fischer

Owner, SkinOvative Solutions

…listens to what you want and then delivers results…built my blog and incorporated my ideas and gave me the results I want to grow my business.!

Kelly Harman

Author, Speaker, Business Owner

I could not have been happier or more impressed with the results…delivered the work before the deadline.

Chris Albright

Owner, CMIT Solutions Centreville

I noticed today that some of my partner/vendors are liking and sharing the posts on Twitter! I think that is very cool especially because previously I would borrow/reshare their stuff when trying to come up with something to post on social media.

CMI’s Content Management and Strategy Survey: How Does Your Business Stack Up?

CMI’s Content Management and Strategy Survey: How Does Your Business Stack Up?

By Erin Pittman, Lead Editor / 2018 /

Content Marketing Institute has long been the top source for content marketing education, news and information for the world of content creation. Hot topics, new twists on old strategies and fresh ideas never disappoint. Their recent survey of 411 marketers in the industry provides us with fresh insight into our competitors and shows us how…

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Five Dos and Don’ts of Networking

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2016 /

If you’ve been networking for a while, you have no doubt seen a lot of variety in how professionals approach it. But if you are a newbie, networking can be confusing. It seems there’s a protocol, but are there unwritten rules to networking? The answer is “absolutely.” Here are some hints that should get you…

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networking politics religion

Overcoming Networking No No’s: Politics and Religion

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2016 /

Networking scenario. You’re in your usual restaurant or conference room with a group of professionals. You’re having a good time, sharing ideas, contact information and smiles. Then someone decides to get political. You’re the facilitator. What do you do? You could engage in respectful dialogue. Or if you disagree vehemently, you could launch into a…

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Networking: Make Those Connections Happen

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2015 / Comments Off on Networking: Make Those Connections Happen

Business Coach and Investment Capitalist Bill Walsh tells business owners, “Make at least 20 new quality connections per day.” The easiest way to do this is through networking in order to mix and mingle with other professionals, to exchange information on your business and to create relationships deeper than sales so you can grow strong…

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Motivation: What is it, and where can I get some?

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2014 / Comments Off on Motivation: What is it, and where can I get some?

It’s something we all need in life and in business: motivation. Motivation is what gets us up in the morning and moves us along. It’s the energy encouraging us to grow, produce, take action and improve. As professionals, we require motivation to expand our scope of knowledge and our businesses, as well as our profit.…

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It’s time to grow your business. Start now!

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2014 / Comments Off on It’s time to grow your business. Start now!

By Katherine Gotthardt You launched your business. You’ve worked hard, and you are doing well. You have confidence that your client base will continue to be steady or even grow. But now what? What steps should you take to get to the next level? Here are some ideas whose time might have come. Expand your…

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How to Retain Clients…and Be a Better Person

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2014 /

I love my networking group. I always leave with something to think about and so much to write about, I can’t possibly keep up.  But I’ve carved out some time today because the question posed this morning by our leader, Peggie Arvidson, was an important one: how do you retain clients? Now, this networking group…

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Why I’d Hire Me

By Katherine Gotthardt, CEO / 2014 /

It’s not that I’m vain.  It’s that I love my clients and want what’s best for their success.  And sometimes that means referring them to other professionals. Case in point.  My client wanted to upgrade his website.  We had used a WordPress template that looked good and worked efficiently.  But to expand the site, I…

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