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Bring Your Editorial Calendar Into Focus: Use Your Vision Statement

When you’re planning your editorial calendar, the first place you turn for ideas might not be your business plan … but maybe it should be! There’s a key statement in there that can provide tremendous direction for your blogs: the vision statement.

Your vision statement is more than just your mission. Vision statements should be fueled with passion and belief. They are part dream, part business plan and strategy. A strong vision statement should exude strength, commitment and engagement in your mission, and also be in line with your company values. Your vision focuses on tomorrow and what you want to become. (Cue puffed out chest and up-tilted chin as you picture your future success.)

Using Vision Statements to Develop Editorial Calendars

Vision statements are inspiring and tell where you want to go as an organization. Your editorial calendar and content are tools that can help get you there.

  • Review your goals, and make a list of topics related to them.
  • If you want to be seen as an expert in your field, which topics should you be blogging on regularly?
  • If you want people invested in your products, what can you showcase about them to peak their interest?
  • How can you put your passion into words?
  • What’s unique about your company and culture that would draw supporters in?
  • What does your audience need to know or believe in order for you to achieve that vision statement?

How the Pros Do It

Bring Your Editorial Calendar Into Focus: Use Your Vision StatementLet’s look at some of the big dogs’ vision statements:

  • Amazon – “Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”
  • Google – “to provide access to the world’s information in one click”
  • Microsoft – “to help individuals and businesses realize their full potential”
  • IBM – “to be the world’s most successful and important information technology company. Successful in helping our customers apply technology to solve their problems. Successful in introducing this extraordinary technology to new customers. Important, because we will continue to be the basic resource of much of what is invested in this industry.”
  • Matel – “creating the future of play”

These statements evoke emotion, hope and excitement. I don’t know about you but I want to be involved in the future of play and help people realize their full potential! So, how could we take those vision statements and develop blog ideas? Here are just a few ideas for each company:

  • Amazon – real stories that showcase how Amazon is customer centric, features about the long-sought-after items that customers finally discovered on Amazon, details about their Prime services and improvements, which are always customer focused
  • Google – blogs about updates that make searching more effective and easier, SEO topics that show how Google delivers the most accurate information in one search
  • Microsoft – business success stories using Microsoft products, a blog about a late-in-life learner who realized full potential at age 65, information about Microsoft products in schools and how they are helping develop children’s full potential from an early age
  • IBM – Share technology application success stories, complex technology information broken down into plain language for the everyday consumer, information about how their technology is used behind the scenes daily
  • Matel – feature latest products, creative play suggestions for a variety of their products in each age range, innovation posts about product development, playful posts about employees

Bring Your Editorial Calendar Into Focus: Use Your Vision StatementNow it’s time for you to revisit your own vision statement. Where do you want to be in five or 10 years? Start writing the posts that will help carry you there and illustrate your success.

Maybe you need a little help with this part. Let the professionals at All Things Writing step in and provide you with some direction. Contact us today to get started on your vision.


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Erin Pittman, Lead Editor

A project manager, writer and editor, Erin Pittman has almost a decade of professional experience in both print and online materials. She holds a BA in English from Randolph-Macon College. Her work has been featured in local and national publications, as well as on various local and national websites and blogs. Writing topics include marketing, personal finance, special needs, military, parenting, seniors, local events, real estate, service industries, business profiles and more.