12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Marketing Emails

We’ve got a secret for you. There’s more to email marketing than slapping your thoughts down and pushing send. Already know this much? Then we’re off to a great start. But we’ve got further tips you might not have considered to help you create an email marketing campaign that will make every recipient rush to open your emails. Well, they will at least open them. And that’s what you’re going for, right? Right.

Key Questions for Consideration

Before you click that send button, make sure you can positively answer these questions.

  1. What is my purpose? Why are you sending that email? What do you want your recipients to do? If you don’t specifically know, we can pretty much guarantee that they won’t. Pick one goal and center the email on it.
  2. Who is my audience? You’ve got to know who your people are and tailor your writing to them. Your emails to world leaders about global warming concerns should read pretty differently than if you’re emailing teens about the latest makeup shade trends. Adjust your tone and style to your audience.
  3. What’s the frequency? Nope. Not asking Kenneth. We’re asking you how often you will be sending emails. If you’re sending to subscribers, be sure to send on the schedule you promised.
  4. 12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Marketing EmailsAm I timing it right? Is when you plan to send it a proven good time for your list? Make sure you are tapping into metrics like open and click-through rates to help you chose your most successful times of day for sending.
  5. Would I want to open this email? Read your subject line. Would you open it? If not, head back to the drawing board and make it more compelling. Feature a special offer. Create urgency. Make them feel important.
  6. Am I sticking to one topic? Marketing emails should be direct and clear. If you muddle in too many topics or calls to action, you’ll confuse and lose your reader. Stick to one topic.
  7. Is my call to action clear? This goes along with your purpose, but have you put the action you want them to take front and center? Create a CTA button. Bold that link. Make sure it’s easy to see and act upon.
  8. Is it visually appealing? Whether or not you have lots of graphics, or any (though we do recommend some), make sure your text is laid out in an easy to scan way. Use bullets, section headings and short, concise sentences.
  9. 12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Marketing EmailsWill this look good anywhere? We don’t mean London versus France. We mean on any device. Will the commuter reading it on their smartphone on the metro see as shiny a version as the office worker sneaking a peek on their desktop while the boss is away? Make it mobile friendly, too.
  10. Is it clear who it’s from? Use a legit-looking email address to send your emails, and include your company branding and colors.
  11. Will my email get past spam filters? While there isn’t a foolproof formula for this, we do know some do’s and don’ts. DO use more words than images, craft quality content, use accurate headings and include alt text. DON’T type your subject in all caps, use too many exclamation marks or overdo the images.
  12. 12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Marketing EmailsAm I making it easy to get connected? You want your customers to be able to connect with you in any and every way they can, right? Then make it easy for them. Include social media buttons in your email so they can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you are. And, if portions or all of your email campaign are appropriate for social media, share it on there, too.

Ask these questions, answer them correctly and send out the best marketing emails around. And if you need a little more oomph and creativity in your writing or help with your social media platforms, give All Things Writing a call. We offer tailored writing seminars to boost your skills, as well as writing and editing services to promote your business with professionalism, knowledge and style. All Things Writing is a full-service content development and content marketing company on a mission to help clients shine online and in print. Our clients are from the private, government and nonprofit sectors.

Erin Pittman, Lead Editor

A project manager, writer and editor, Erin Pittman has almost a decade of professional experience in both print and online materials. She holds a BA in English from Randolph-Macon College. Her work has been featured in local and national publications, as well as on various local and national websites and blogs. Writing topics include marketing, personal finance, special needs, military, parenting, seniors, local events, real estate, service industries, business profiles and more.